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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Orange County and hold a professional license you could face serious consequences including the suspension and even revocation of your license. Do not let a mistake ruin your entire career. If you hold a professional license such as a nurse, doctor or a teacher, you need to act fast to preserve your rights through the criminal court system and with your licensing board. Our attorneys are well-versed in handling drunk driving cases for those that hold licenses. We know the mandatory reporting requirements and how to respond to questioning about your arrest or conviction. Allow our knowledgeable lawyers to help you fight the charges against you and preserve your license.

Not all state boards are the same. The reporting requirements differ depending on the state board. In many cases you may not be required to report an arrest of driving under the influence but will be required to report a conviction. Many professional licensing boards are more concerned with an underlying addiction problem as opposed to a singular incident of drunk driving. Call our offices today for a free initial consultation. We will help you with all aspects of your case including helping to keep your professional license.

Hiring the right attorney can make all of the difference in your Orange County DUI case. You need a lawyer who knows the local court system and has a strong reputation amongst the district attorneys and judges. Rest assured knowing that our team of DUI defense attorneys have a combined litigation experience of over 30 years.

These are a number of professions where a DUI conviction in Orange County can jeopardize your professional license and career. In those cases, special attention is requried from a skilled DUI lawyer in Orange County: