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DUI and Pilot Licenses and Certificates for Airline Pilots

Airline PilotState and Federal Consequences for Airline Pilots
An airline pilot arrested for a DUI in Orange County may face state and federal licensing issues. Pilots are governed by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA requires that commercial pilots report a conviction for a DUI. You must report any action taken against your driving privileges within 60 days. These harsh reporting requirements may mean the loss of your professional license. Fighting the charges against you is vital to saving your career.

What a Pilot Should Do First After a DUI Arrest
If you are arrested for driving under the influence, the first thing you need to do is call an experienced DUI defense attorney thta understands your unique situation and will fight the charges against you. Protecting your reputation and driving privileges is crucial to saving your pilot’s license. Mitigating the effects of a criminal conviction is best handled by a criminal defense lawyer who understands the law. Driving under the influence can be a serious offense that may affect your livelihood. Call our offices today for a free initial case consultation. You only have ten days from the date of arrest to contact the DMV to stop the automatic suspension of your driving privileges. Contact our offices immediately after arrest to preserve your rights to a hearing.