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If you or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence in Orange County, then you undoubtedly have numerous questions about what to expect and what will happen in the course of your case. We have answered a few of the most commonly asked questions. To get more information, contact our Orange County Law Office today. You will immediately be connected with an experienced DUI defense attorney.

Is my driver's license automatically suspended and for how long?

Can I get a restricted driver's license to drive to work?

Can the DMV suspend my license without a criminal conviction?

Will I go to jail on a first time DUI conviction?

Will I go to jail on a 2nd offense DUI conviction?

If I have multiple DUI convictions, what are my options?

What if I wasn't read my Miranda rights?

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We understand that you will have many more questions and concerns after an arrest for an Orange County DUI. Contact us at our Orange County Law Office today to discuss your case and get legal consultation. It is vital that you act quickly after an arrest for a DUI.