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Scott Henry, Orange County DUI Defense Attorney
As the newest member of the team, Scott Henry is already making a name for himself. Mr. Henry is a dedicated DUI defense lawyer who has handled numerous criminal cases throughout Southern California. He is a skilled negotiator and has seen success at both the DMV and through the criminal court system.

Thomas Wallin, Orange County DUI Defense Attorney
Thomas Wallin is a former Deputy Public Defender who is dedicated to DUI defense. He has spent over a decade fighting to protect the rights of his clients. He has handled thousands of DUI cases and is well respected throughout Orange County. Mr. Wallin is known for his fair, aggressive representation.

Prior to beginning his legal career, Mr. Wallin attended the University of California Irvine and graduated Cum Laude. He then went to Southwestern Law School where he obtained his law degree in a 23 month accelerated program. From law school, Mr. Wallin went to work in the medical malpractice field. Shortly thereafter, he transitioned to criminal defense and has been representing clients throughout Southern California.