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What an amazing experience!

"This was probably the most stressful thing I've ever had to deal with in my life. I had a DUI and then three months later, a Public Intoxication. Your case is what you make of it, truly. Scott guided me in what I needed to do, and all of my work allowed him to really fight for me. The public Intoxication charge was dropped, and all cal tran hours were dropped for the DUI. Scott literally saved any chance of me having a career in my field, and all the while, made me feel confident, and comfortable when I was freaking out scared. He will fight for you, but you should definitely do your part. Stand up guy, for sure." – Client

My case was dismissed!

"I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

My case was a very complex one in which I was charged for a crime I didn’t commit and didn't find out until 8 months later. I was totally blindsided by this and didn't know where to turn. Attorney Scott Henry stepped up and took my case and got all the facts straight. The case ended up getting dismissed thanks to Scotts' knowledge of the court system." – Ray

Pilot stays out of trouble.

"My experience with Scott Henry exceeded my expectations for numerous reasons. Not only was my involvement in the process minimized due to his (and his staff's) detail oriented follow up, but the fine/penalty I was given was on the lower end of what I was expecting. As I am a pilot, continued employment is contingent upon a clean driving record; numerous moving violations can adversely affect a pilot's ability to renew his/her license with the FAA. As such, when I was initially cited by the CA Hwy patrol, I was fearful of the consequences. Scott and his staff assuaged my fears, but also adequately explained both the best and worst case scenarios in a non "legalese" fashion that was easy to comprehend. His thorough knowledge of the process was effectively communicated, and the course of events occurred exactly as he explained. He didn't simply promise the world and paint a rosy picture, I feel as though he under promised and over delivered. The result was a manageable fine, and the equivalent of a parking ticket noted on my driving record. My cousin, an attorney, referred me to Scott and his firm; if this incident was serious enough for him to refer me elsewhere, I knew better than to hire my cousin, or to go it alone. I couldn't have been happier with the result." – Chris

Hire This Attorney!

"I hired attorney Scott Henry because I was arrested for DUI in September of 2013 with a BAC of 0.12. I thoroughly investigated several attorneys to defend me and I chose Mr. Henry because he impressed me with his knowledge of the DUI laws and his aggressive attitude. After meeting with Scott I believed that he would give me excellent representation and the best chance for getting the most favorable outcome possible. I was not wrong on either point.

First came the DMV hearing which Scott was able to win. This was a huge relief! The DMV gave me back my license and I did not have to endure the problems associated with a license suspension. Next began the long drawn out process of going to multiple court appearances, gathering all of the evidence associated with my case and building a defense. Finally, Scott began negotiating with the Deputy District Attorney on my behalf. He knew the DA’s personally and how they operate. He knew when to be aggressive and when to back off. He was able to use this knowledge to get my charge reduced to a wet reckless. This was a major coup in my opinion. I did not have to endure the financial and long term impact of having a DUI on my driving and criminal records nor the humiliation that comes with a conviction. Scott did a fantastic job in leading me through the entire process and fought hard to get me the best possible outcome available for my situation.

There is one final point I should make. You must take part in your own defense. I really liked how Scott encouraged me to take an active role in my case. Do your own research and pass the information on to Scott. Discuss your case with him. Together we were able to dissect my case point by point and develop a winning strategy. Many lawyers do not want your active participation but that is not the case with Mr. Henry.

In summary I cannot recommend attorney Scott Henry to you strongly enough. Hire him and you will not regret it." – Steven

Exceptional Representation

"Scott Henry truly made my life easy. I could not have asked for better support.

I had a case this summer, in which an incident occurred during a hockey game at the Honda Center, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the right team’s jersey! But because of what I was wearing, I was profiled to be the cause of the debacle. Security grabbed me and my friend, slammed us against the wall and treated us like criminals. The police then escorted us to jail to spend the next six hours because the security guards filed a false claim against us. Mind you I spent the last two years of my life as a prison guard in a maximum security prison, I am pursuing a criminal justice degree and spent four and half years of my life in the United States Army, so being treated like a criminal isn't something I ever anticipated in my future.

From the very first time I spoke with Scott he alleviated all of my worry. He thoroughly explained the court proceedings I would endure and assured me that everything would be taken care of. He assisted me with every single legal step along the way. Scott took care of everything and as unfair and unjust my situation was he made the process very simple for me. I never missed work or had to attend court because Scott took care of it all. It was the most seamless court case I have ever been associated with.

He justly defended me, and my integrity. He was always very timely in his responses to any inquiry I had and I was never left with any unanswered questions.

In regards to my incident, it was a case of the wrongly accused and Scott and his team made sure that justice was served.

Scott truly does go above and beyond for his clients, and for this I am truly grateful. I will recommend him to friends, family and anyone in search of an outstanding lawyer.

Thank you again Scott!" – Travis

Excellent service and follow up.

"Attorney Scott Henry was able to terminate my probation and expunge my record in an extremely time sensitive situation where a job opportunity was on the line... He was very professional and clear about the possible outcome and understood my need for immediate action, and despite my complicating matters by trying to handle the case myself, he was able to deliver, and in the necessary time frame. Best experience i've ever had with an attorney!" – David

Scott Henry and his associates helped save my law career by reducing my DUI to Wet Reckless with minimal probation.

"Unfortunately, at the time I was arrested and charged with DUI, my application with the California Bar was pending. If I was convicted with a DUI, I would have gotten a minimum of 3 years probation and this meant my chances of becoming an attorney slim, at least for the next 4-5 years even though I worked so hard and struggled through law school.

Factually, the prosecutor had a strong case against me. So Scott had to put in motion his special negotiation skills and his know how, to try to get me out of a DUI.

Luckily, almost a year after my arrest, Scott and his team were able to negotiate a plea of "wet reckless" which carried with it only 1 year probation, but terminable in 6 months as long as I have not committed another offense and have complied with the probationary requirements such as paying the fees, attend one MADD class, etc.

I recommend him and his team highly as they are very professional and knowledgeable in defending DUI cases." – Nick

Life Saver!

"Mr. Henry is a great attorney. It was very apparent from the beginning that he truly cares about each and every one of his clients. Throughout my entire case Mr. Henry kept me informed making me feel as though I was his only client. In the end, Mr. Henry was able to reduce my case from a DUI to a wet and reckless even though my blood alcohol level was a .24. He truly saved me from losing my license! I would highly recommend Mr. Henry’s services as he is knowledgeable and truly cares about the outcome of each case." – Gus

Every DUI case is unique, so these reviews do not imply a guarantee, a prediction or a warranty regarding the outcome of your legal case.