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DUI and a Medical License for Doctors

Doctors have a lot at stake if they are arrested for driving under the influence in Orange County. The Medical Board of California governs all physicians, podiatrists, physician assistants, registered opticians and midwives in the state. If you are arrested from a DUI you may be required to report a subsequent conviction to the medical board. To find out more about the mandatory reporting requirements for doctors and other healthcare professionals, you need to consult a leading DUI defense attorney that understands your unique situation.

We are here to help. We are a tough, smart criminal defense firm. We are dedicated litigators that will not rest until you get the best possible outcome on your case. Remember, you are not only fighting to protect your criminal record and reputation but also your livelihood. Losing your professional license will result in the loss of your right to practice medicine. If you are an Orange County doctor that has been charged with DUI, act now to preserve your rights.

Finding the Right DUI Defense Lawyer in Orange County
We understand that protecting your medical license from suspension or revocation is your top priority. Our firm is dedicated to DUI defense. We know how to fight the charges against you and help you with any administrative proceedings through the medical board. Do not choose an attorney who does not know DUI defense. You may lose everything that you have worked hard to achieve. Call our offices today for a free initial consultation. Talk to a knowledgeable attorney now.